LV Craft Shows presents the Holiday Craft & Gift Festival at the EXPO at the World Market

This show is currently pending due to COVID 19 and the attached State restrictions.

You are welcome to send this pre-application form at this time. Once approved we will send you the contract and you can make a deposit toward the show. Or you can wait until we have the approval from the State to run this show.

However, due to COVID, there is a chance that this show may need to be moved to 2021. If so, all payments will roll over to any of our big 2021 shows.
For questions, please contact Susi at or at 702-339-6689.

This show is presented by LV Craft Shows LLC, powered by On The Edge Promotions.

Nov. 6-8, 2020: LV Craft Shows presents the Holiday Craft & Gift Festival - 3-day event

This is your pre-application. Once approved, we will contact you and send you contract with request for deposit. Please allow 72 hours for review.
  • This event will be held inside the new EXPO at the World Market Center. Booths will be piped & draped. Corner booths are not bigger spaces! Available booths are 10'x10', 10' deep x 15' wide, or 10' deep x 20' wide. BOOTH SHARING IS ONLY PERMITTED WITH CHOICE OF 10X15 OR LARGER SPACE AND WITH APPROVAL ONLY!
  • There are NO tables, chairs, or waste baskets provided. Every vendor needs to supply their own tables, chairs, grids, waste baskets, etc. as long as it all fits within your assigned space.
  • If you are planning to sell any type of food or are planning to offer samples of food, including dips, please make sure you have the necessary permits needed. You will need either a health permit, TFE, AI, and or cottage license. Please submit paperwork to and be sure to have it with you at time of the event. Contact for information on what is required. Absolutely no samples allowed unless you have a special permit to sample or valid cottage license.
  • Please enter your PR# found on your cottage license letter or health permit. If you don't have one, or can't find it, please contact the SNV health department. It will read PR and then a 7-digit number, i.e. PR1234567. You will also need to provide proof of insurance. IF YOU ARE NOT A FOOD VENDOR, ENTER N/A.
  • PLEASE GIVE FULL DETAILS. PRODUCTS NOT LISTED MAY BE SUBJECT TO REMOVAL. If you are using brand names or DS products, please state the name to avoid duplicate displays. If selling accessories, please specify as it can be many things!
  • Please read the rules and regulations! Link is on website under Rules & Regulations
  • Please make sure you completed all areas with an *. Hitting the submit button will send us the application for review. Once approved, we will notify you and send you the contract. There is no payment required until we send you the contract (that is why the total will show a $0 balance at this time). Contact Susi for any questions. 702-339-6689 or