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LV Craft Shows - 2020 Emerald at Queensridge Shows

We accept credit card, debit card, and Paypal payments. Space cannot be held without payment! If you are experiencing any problems, please contact us at 702-339-6689. Please recheck all your selections before submitting. We can not change once your application is submitted. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, NO TRADES! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If so, state YES and continue with the application. IF NOT or if you are selling JEWELRY, please send a photo of your jewelry AND your display to 702-339-6689 or e-mail info@lvcraftshows.com to get your personal approval code (EVEN if you were approved for previous shows) and enter the code here. Jewelry spaces are limited! Please note: CBD Products are permitted at this venue! Please get approval code for CBD.
  • Today's Date:
  • Please Read BEFORE Selecting Dates & Spaces! PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid 19 and the uncertainty, all events are pending. Should we need to make changes or reschedule, your registration will be moved to the new date or you can choose a different event, should there be room. No refunds will be issued. Thank you for understanding.

    PLEASE NOTE: LV Craft Shows has a NO cancellation, NO refund policy; NO exceptions, NO exchanges, NO trades, unless LVCS or the venue cancels the event. IF YOU NEED EASY ACCESS IN AND OUT OF YOUR BOOTH, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO CHOOSE THE CORNER/END OPTION. Some of the other booth options may be too tight to accommodate easy access, scooter access, etc. IMPORTANT, vendors need to be INSIDE their booth space during the show and not stand in the walkways. This is to give our guests easier access and to follow fire marshal requirements. You may push your display back to be in front of it, as long as you are still inside the booth parameter. Booth sharing is NOT permitted, unless approved by LVCS PRIOR to the application, and if so, only in bigger size booths. Kindly go to our website at LVCRAFTSHOWS.COM and read the rules/regulations, found on the top menu. Please see available space sizes and inclusions under desired events below. All prices include extensive advertising. LV Craft Shows is THE most advertised craft show in the Valley!!! Please note that end/corner spaces are NOT bigger spaces.
  • THIS event has been postponed. No new date is available yet.
  • End/Corner spaces are sold out. If you would like end/corner, please add in notes that you would like to upgrade should one become available. INDOOR & OUTDOOR EVENT! THIS EVENT IS FOR CRAFTERS WITH HANDMADE ITEMS. ALL OTHER VENDORS, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST FOR APPROVAL CODE. Corner/End booths are NOT bigger spaces! They are simply at the end of the row to provide easier access to get in and out. This is a 1-day event. At this time, set up is scheduled for 7 am on Sunday. If we can get in sooner, we will let you know. Event time is Sunday 9 am to 2 pm. Please note that the price will increase by $25 for applications received after Apr. 14, 2020. Event location: Emerald at Queensridge, 891 South Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145. LV Craft Shows and Emerald at Queensridge has no control of the weather. This venue is beautiful with trees outdoors and you are welcome to use straight leg tents or umbrellas. Make sure tents are not too high due to trees. Unless the venue cancels due to extreme unsafe weather conditions, the show will happen. It may be cold, windy, or even rain a bit. Some outdoor spaces do have power access. Heat lamps will be provided by the venue.
  • If you have a NEVADA business license, please state the business license# or TID#. If you do not have a Nevada State business license, please state NONE.
  • Please bring your own table. Be sure that all you bring fits in the booth size ordered. Spaces are very tight and there is no wiggle room. Chairs are provided.
  • Please select the number of chairs you would like for the event - max. 2.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Power access will be on a first come first served basis. PLEASE ONLY choose NEED power if you absolutely have to have it as we cannot accommodate all requests. You will need to share the outlets provided. Not everyone may be near an outlet. Most will not be able to plug in. Please bring a 25ft extension cord, a power strip, and gaffing tape to secure the cord (to avoid tripping over it). PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE ELECTRICITY IF YOU NEED IT FOR YOUR DISPLAY. Please do not choose power just to charge your phone. Vendors who need power to light up their display will be happy to let you use their outlet for your phone. Select LIKE power if you would like it, but are ok without. This venue has very few power outlets. Some outdoor spaces do have power access.
  • If you are planning to sell any type of food or are planning to offer any samples of food, including dips, please make sure you have the necessary paperwork needed. You will need either a health permit and or cottage license. Some may need a special samplers license or TFA. Please submit paperwork to apps@LVCraftShows.com and be sure to have it with you at time of the event. Contact snhd.info for information on what is required. Absolutely no open samples allowed without permit.
  • Please enter your PR# found on your cottage license letter or health permit. If you don't have one, or can't find it, please contact the SNV health department. It will read PR and then a 7-digit number, i.e. PR1234567.
  • This is FREE for registered vendors for all shows. We will hand out custom made LVCS totes filled with your samples, goodies, information, coupons, etc. to the first 75 adults (one per household) on each show day. We encourage you to take part in this free program. It is great advertising! Swags can be any of the following: business cards, product samples, wrapped candy with your card, fliers, promo pen, coupons (with future expiration date), anything that promotes your business. We will need your swags by Wed before each show. 75 for one-day shows and 150 for two-day shows. PLEASE NOTE: If you are registered for any of our 2020 events, you may add your swags to ALL our swags at any of our shows at NO charge.
  • Multi item vendors: If you are planning to sell jewelry alongside your other items, please contact us at 702-339-6689 for approval as jewelry spaces are limited.
  • Please read rules and regulations! Link is on website under Rules & Regulations http://lvcraftshows.com/rules-regulations/
  • HITTING SUBMIT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PAYMENT PAGE WHERE YOU CAN PAY VIA CREDIT/DEBIT CARD OR PAYPAL. WE CANNOT HOLD SPACES WITHOUT PAYMENT IN FULL. Once we receive your application with payment, you will get a confirmation email within the next few days. A very detailed set-up email will be emailed to you on Wednesday prior to each show. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT WITHOUT APPROVAL CODE (WHERE APPLICABLE) AS WE CANNOT ISSUE FULL REFUNDS FOR FAULTY SUBMISSIONS. PayPal does no longer refund transaction fees.