3-Day Arts, Crafts, and Gift Festival at the M-Resort

LV Craft Shows Nov 16-18, 2018 Arts, Crafts, & Gift Festival at the M Resort - 3-day event!

We accept credit card, debit card, and Paypal payments. Space cannot be held without payment! If you are experiencing any problems, please contact us at 702-339-6689. If you are choosing to make payments, please note that full payment is due on Oct. 15, 2018 or you will forfeit your space. Please recheck all your selections before submitting. We can not change once submitted. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, NO TRADES! All payments are non-refundable!
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  • Please Read Before Sumitting Your Application

    PLEASE NOTE: LV Craft Shows has a NO cancellation, NO refund policy; no exceptions, no exchanges, unless LVCS or the venue cancels the event. Kindly go to our website at LVCRAFTSHOWS.COM and read the rules & regulations! ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. SPACES ARE NOT GUARANTEED UNTIL FULL PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. You may choose to make payments (same price). FULL payment is due on Oct. 15, 2018 or you will lose your space. This is a 3-day event! Sorry, we cannot accept applications for 1 or 2 days only.
  • PLEASE NOTE: DS consultants MUST text 702-339-6689 first BEFORE submitting this application to avoid duplicate sign ups. Corner booths are not bigger spaces! You have the option to make a full payment now or make a deposit and pay the rest by Oct. 15, 2018. Once we receive your deposit and you're accepted, we will send you an invoice for the balance with the option to make payments over the months. Full payment must be received by Oct. 15, 2018 or you will forfeit your space. Please note, all payments and deposits are non-refundable. SET UP WILL BE FRIDAY MORNING, STARTING AT 6 AM. SHOW HOURS WILL BE FRI & SAT 10 AM TO 5 PM AND SUN 10 AM TO 4 PM.
  • There are NO tables, chairs, or waste baskets provided. Every vendor needs to supply their own tables, chairs, grids, waste baskets, etc. as long as it all fits within your assigned space.
  • Electrical outlets are $100 for the 3 days. Price may vary on your power needs. Power cable not included. If you would like electricity, please choose below and we will send you a separate order form.
  • If you are planning to sell any type of food or are planning to offer samples of food, including dips, please make sure you have the necessary permits needed. You will need either a health permit and or cottage license. Please submit paperwork to apps@LVCraftShows.com and be sure to have it with you at time of the event. Contact www.snhd.info for information on what is required. Absolutely no open samples allowed unless you have a special samplers permit.
  • This is FREE for registered vendors. The first 100 guests per day (one per household) will receive our custom made LVCS totes, filled with samples, goodies, information, coupons, etc.. We encourage you to take part in this free program! It is great advertising! Swags can be any of the following: business cards, product samples, candy with your card, fliers, promo pen, coupons (with future expiration date), anything that promotes your business. We will need your 300 swags 2 weeks prior to the event. Drop off locations will be sent to you about a month prior to the event.
  • Please read rules and regulations! Link is on website under Rules & Regulations http://lvcraftshows.com/rules-regulations/
  • HITTING SUBMIT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PAYMENT PAGE WHERE YOU CAN PAY VIA CREDIT/DEBIT CARD OR PAYPAL. PLEASE NOTE THAT PHONES AND TABLETS MAY NOT ALWAYS PROCESS PAYMENTS AND WE CANNOT HOLD SPACES WITHOUT PAYMENT. If you are choosing the down payment option, you will receive an invoice for the balance with the option to make payments as you wish. Full payment must be received by Oct. 15, 2018 or you will lose your space.